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Business Technology Consulting

“Bridge between IT applications and business transformation “

Business Technology Services helps customers realize high business value by incorporating information strategy, business collaboration, business integration and managing IT risk, across the value chain of the enterprise. We are at the forefront of building business and technology solutions and IPs, applying advanced technology areas including Cloud Computing, Sustainability, Mobility, Social Computing and Analytics among others.

With the tribulations of 2009 behind, forward-thinking companies that are determined to lead in the 21st Century are re-examining their fundamentals. Rules are being rewritten. Long-held convictions are being re-examined. There is no other option.

Companies are taking a detailed look at core and non-core processes and are working towards a model where companies optimize what it does best and partners for the rest. This Fourth-generation outsourcing model mandates that partners would have the business imperative to drive higher productivity in the non-core processes.

Leiten Consulting Services believes the four key building blocks for transformation, productivity and superior financial performance are:


  Core/Non-Core Analysis/ Optimization
  Technology innovation


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