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We have worked with some of the biggest and most respected oil and gas brands facing these challenges and more. We have achieved proven success across the value chain by providing IT services that reduce cost and provide business value.

By leveraging our expertise in ERP, CRM, supply chain, data management, data warehousing, business intelligence and other applications, we can help you increase efficiencies, raise productivity and ultimately boost profits – no matter what place you occupy in the value chain.

How Leiten Helps
Leiten helps Oil and Gas firms address complexity through solutions which can effectively collect data from oil wells to retail outlets, integrate different parts of value chain to increase transparency and finally provide tools and solutions to effectively analyze data.

Helping Leiten address complexity is a team of domain experts that includes geophysicists, logging and production engineers, seismic modelers and petroleum economists in upstream, financial and energy traders in trading segment and finally experts with experience working in refineries, retail marketing and B2B marketing in downstream. This team of domain experts supports technologists in the areas of analytics, enterprise resource planning, product engineering services and portals and content management solutions to leverage technology for meeting the business goals.



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