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Following a ‘Citizen First’ mission, Leiten’s Government Practice provides technology and business solutions to governments across the globe. Leiten has the experience in executing information technology projects for different government agencies. Leiten offers benefits-led public sector solutions that have been specifically architected by domain experts to suit the requirements of various key government functions such as Health and Human Services, Social Services, Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Transportation, Postal Services and Education.


Benefits to the Government



Benefits to Government

High risk exposure

Tried and tested solution to minimize risk and short implementation period.

Lack of direct connectivity with citizen

Solutions are web-enabled which provides G2C interface.

Manual processing leads to slow turnaround and poor reporting

Comprehensive reporting capability encompassing State and Federal system.

Slowing funding growth

Significant reductions in service cost for support process.

Resources required for internal demand to be funded through the external revenue streams.

Under performing resource management

Significant improvements in resource utilization by separating the tactical from strategic.

Right resources for the right outputs - using globalization as an opportunity.

Moving the service up the value chain.

Low utilization of workforce productivity

Re-engineering of processes.

Enhanced response time and removal of duplication.

Enabling workforce modernization to deliver increased productivity.



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