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Enterprise-wide collaboration capabilities are the cornerstones of today's manufacturing companies across the Automobile, Aerospace, High-Tech, and industrial domains, among others. The global manufacturing scenario is rapidly changing, with companies operations spanning continents. The need for an efficient supply-chain network is driving companies to adopt sophisticated manufacturing IT solutions.

We provide core plant-floor operations services such as real-time integration with shop-floor systems, as well as ERP and RFID solutions. We are also piloting integration of shop-floor data with mobile systems. It all adds up to operational excellence, real-time execution, and in-depth reporting with superior visibility.

How we add value
We work with many household names in the process manufacturing industry spanning materials manufacturing, chemicals, energy and other vertical markets. We deliver business value by:

  Reducing costs. We help clients reduce IT operations cost for development and solution maintenance by applying proven, reliable technologies.

  Boosting productivity. Higher employee productivity is possible by providing real-time access to accurate information.

  Delivering end-to-end visibility. Real-time visibility of production and inventory status provides better material replenishment and service levels for more efficient operations.

  Providing better tracking to reduce inventory. Superior visibility across the plant enables easier planning and more informed decision making.

  Improving reporting. Make the right business decisions through better analysis of line performance and profitability of plant operations.

  Increasing automation. Interfaces to a wide variety of systems such as RFID, Barcode, DTW (Data Transfer workbench) to reduce manual data entry, which boosts productivity and lowers cost.



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