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“Quality like integrity is non-negotiable”

Rather than define quality by industry standards alone, Leiten goes a step further to take a customer-backwards view. We see quality as “value as perceived by the customer”.

To us, standards compliance is a given. However, we believe that there can be no ‘one size fits all’ definition of quality. Based on varying needs and expectations, customers take varying views of quality during each individual engagement. The company may be seeking value from timelines, cost-effectiveness, performance, service, or other parameters.

Leiten has a unique way of defining quality processes. Our process methodology is context-composed; we work closely with you to understand the unique “value” expected from each engagement, then tailor our processes to enable realization of that value. We measure our success through periodic formal independent feedback mechanisms.

Our focus on project-level quality systems ensures that every customer engagement progresses smoothly.

Leiten’s processes and systems are based on industry standards like SEI CMMI, PCMM and Six Sigma.



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