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Shipping and Logistics

The shipping and logistics business is much more that just moving freight. Leiten knows that operators now have to provide value-added services in the face of increasing competition. Fuel, security, and environmental compliance costs are on the rise, and investments have to be made in the right solutions to provide customers instant visibility across the supply chain. Leiten recognizes the problems with integrating disparate internal systems with partners’ systems and integrating freight and financial supply chains. We also know how crucial it is to develop proactive alert systems to handle exceptions instead of reactive ‘after-the-fact’ visibility to business scenarios.

Our knowledge and experience in this domain allows us to provide solutions and services that help you achieve your business objectives. We understand your need to focus on product innovation, operational excellence, and customer intimacy. Leiten also has specialized knowledge of technology within the multitude of sub-sectors concerned with shipping freight in a speedy, safe, and efficient manner around the globe.



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