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Security & Surveillance System

Surveillance System

Leiten Technologies provides industry leading software and hardware solutions that incorporate real-time behaviour analysis into camera systems. It uses real-time video processing to automate detection of many typical surveillance events such as motion in specific areas, vehicle entry/exit, object counting, objects left behind or taken away, loitering, etc.

In addition to security monitoring, Leiten Technologies provides industry leading video analytics for detecting process events such as fluid spill or leak detection. Video processing algorithms can be extended to numerous process monitoring applications by simple system configuration. Cameras are available for all types of harsh and hazardous industrial environments.

Leiten provides value by converting video camera installations into intelligent, event driven, security and surveillance systems. Leiten uses sophisticated environmental filtering to dramatically reduce false alarms, providing accurate, real-time notifications of intrusions, threats and unwanted activities.

Intelligent Video Surveillance & Analysis System For Perimeter Protection
  Automatic real-time intelligent video surveillance & analysis system that detects, identifies, tracks & predicts
   pre-specified activities or events.
  Built on Advanced video and image processing algorithm & technologies Offers advanced video surveillance
   and analysis for Perimeter protection.
  Alarm zones and trip wires are set along perimeters which automatically detect events such as intruders
   crossing the trip wire, entering, leaving or loitering in a particular alarm zone.
  Automatically adapts to variations in lighting conditions

Intelligent Airfield/Runway Surveillance &
  Foreign Object & Debris (FOD) Detection System
  FOD is any item found on airfield that poses a hazard to equipment/aircraft or personnel/passengers,
   especially during aircraft takeoff/landing.

Intelligent Waterside Surveillance System
Vessel Image Processing System employs advanced Computer Vision techniques to detect, identify, track vessels and predict its path. It has intelligent algorithms to provide information such as length, height, displacement, name, shape (vessel classification), latitude, longitude, velocity, heading and time.

Intelligent Vehicle Access Control System
  Integrated vehicle and personnel clearance system for secure, fast and safe access control management
  Incorporates essential security procedures into a singular system
  Vehicle recognition via intelligent vision:
   License plate recognition (LPR), Vehicle type recognition
  Authorised driver/passenger access:
   facial image capturing, biometrics authentication
  Vehicle screening & surveillance:
   Explosives and/or modified compartment detection
  Integrated driver/vehicle authentication & clearance



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